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Health insurance policy number example


Insurance Policy Number Definition and examples

The Insurance Policy number is part of the insurance policy structure which is generated uniquely to the insured and serves as an identification number to the Insurance Policy.

Insurance Policy Number is the unique number that identifies the insured to the insurance about the contract which is also termed as policyholder. Insurance number is different from the group number in a sense that the group number identifies a group of workers under a company or organization which has the same policy that benefits all insured holders.

Where can i find my Insurance Policy Number?

The policy number can be found on the health insurance card or any insurance card. The health insurance card or most insurance cards are printed with some general standard information. When an insurance policy becomes effective, the insurance card is received by the insured. The health insurance card contains the following information:

  • The Name of the Health Insurance Company.
  • The Member Name or the insured.
  • The name of dependents if rectified on the forms.
  • A unique identification number of the insurance policy number.
  • The Group Number which identifies a specific of insured organization with a contract.
  • Group Name as in XYZ.. company.
  • The address of the insured

The following is an example of the ABC health insurance policy card.

Insurance Policy Definition

The insurance policy is a contract or an extensive standard contract form which is between the insured and the insurer. The insurance policy control, decide, regulate, direct and dictate claims which the insurance company is legally bound to pay to the insured.

What is an Insurance Claim?

The insurance claim is the law or statement of cause of action which states and set facts sufficient to justify a right to sue to obtain money, property, or the enforcement of a right against another party in the insurance policy.

Therefore knowing more about the insurance claims is very effective to a successful and valid insurance payment. However, insurance claims can be drafted with different levels of clauses and policies normally called a linguistic tower of babel. Before anyone signs an insurance contract, the claims and policy must be understood.

What is an Insurance Group Number?

The group number has multiple policy numbers associated with it as a single policy entity pertaining the group. The insurance policy number solely identifies an individual or entity and their family to a contract or policy holder. It also serves as a reference number which is connected to your file in the insurance agency.

Without the insurance policy number, any Doctor or Medical practitioner cannot charge or bill the insurance company. Therefore your insurance number should be kept safe or even memorized if appropriate in case your insurance card get missing.

Different insurance companies identifies the policy number using a number format. The insurance company anyone belongs has a different identification policy number. The below images shows the examples of some of the top health insurance companies and their id cards with the policy numbers.

What is the purpose of a Policy Number?

What to do when the insurance card or number of lost.

What is an insurance policy card fraud?

Steps to take to prevent insurance policy card fraud.

  • You should frequently request a copy of your prescription or medical claims history by contacting or calling your insurance provider. By reviewing your claims history you can pinpoint any fraud or prevent any further fraud.
  • Guard your card. Loaning an insurance card or using an expired card to get medical care is fraud. So is keeping or putting someone on your contract who shouldn’t be there, like an ex-spouse.
  • Don’t rent when you can buy. If you’re renting durable medical equipment, like a wheelchair or respirator, make sure you know the purchase price of the equipment. The rental company can’t keep billing you once your total rental payments exceed what it would cost to buy the equipment.

Is the Account Number the same as the policy number?

Structure and parts of an Insurance Policy

Early insurance policies had a tendency to be composed on the premise of each and every kind of risk (where risks were characterized to a great degree barely), and a different premium was ascertained and charged for each. This structure demonstrated unsustainable in the setting of the Second Industrial Revolution, in that a normal substantial aggregate may have many sorts of risks to guarantee against.

Insurers have been criticized in some quarters for the development of complex policies with layers of interactions between coverage clauses, conditions, exclusions, and exceptions to exclusions. It is therefore of the essence for the insured to be able to either read the clauses or hire a savvy lawyer to go through these complicated clauses. Most individuals or workers belong to a specific insurance domain or what is termed as a group policy contract. In this case these group is given a group policy number.

Parts of an Insurance Policy Contract.

Policy Declarations

Policy Definitions

Insuring Agreement

The insuring agreement describes and accounts the relevant characteristics of the risk or the covered perils or the nature of the coverage about the insurer and the insured. It list all the guarantees and assurances of the insurance company.

Policy Exclusions

The policy exclusions describes the away coverage from the insuring agreement by pinpointing the properties, risks, hazards and losses which when arises from specific events which will not be covered by the insurance company.

Policy Conditions

The policy conditions are provisions, duties and commitments, obligations and responsibilities, rules of conduct which are required for coverage. If the policy conditions are not me, the insuring company can deny the claim.

Policy Endorsements

Policy Jackets

The policy jacket is the cover, the envelope or binder with pockets in which the policy are delivered with.


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