Mar 22 2020

Subaru impreza wrx insurance group #Insurance #rates: #WRX #vs #STi

Subaru impreza wrx insurance group


Insurance rates: WRX vs STi

Insurance rates: WRX vs STi

I am about to buy a WRX, either the 2.0 or the STi. Needless to say, the STi would be my first pick but I have a limited budget and must take insurance into account for the total monthly payment (car payment + insurance).

I am 22 (wish it was 3 years from now. ) and live in Fresno, California. I would like to know what WRX and STi owners (preferrably in California, but other states would be helpful too) are paying for their insurance. This will likely be the deciding factor for me (unfortunately. ).

Some people *currently* pay less on a STi than they would on a WRX. My insurance company (American Express) does not have the STi in their system yet because it’s too new. My rates are based solely on the MSRP of the car, and I would guess that would be the case with most other companies. Amex said it would be 1-2 years before they have enough data to rate the STi. I expect my rates will go up at that point.

I recommend you call up your car insurance company and ask what it would cost for both cars. I did this before I bought my STi. You can even get quotes from other companies. Just tell them you’re car shopping and want an insurance quote on the cars you’re looking at. They’ll be happy to give you one. It’s impossible to use other people’s rates to guess your own. I’m 29, married and have no tickets or accidents in the last 3 years. My insurance could be different from yours by several hundred percent.

Thanks, cgroppi. Wise words

Indeed I have asked for quotes online, but am still waiting for them to get back to me.

I called 21st and they gave me an absurdly high quote for both the WRX and STi, so I would like to know what others are paying, especially if they are using less known companies I haven’t heard of.

I doubt about the several hundred percent difference between your insurance and mine (I’ve been driving for 6 years and have never had an accident or ticket), although I agree that there could/would be an obvious difference (100% at the very most, i.e., twice as much), also because of location.

Thanks for your help anyway.


The same question has been asked several times in the last few months. Try a search for “WRX insurance”.

For mine – $507/6 mos for the WRX and $516/6 mos for a 2000 Civic VP for both my wife and I to drive. I use USAA (only available to military and dependents in California) and am pretty sure the STI rate would be based solely on their Impreza model and MSRP. They have insufficient data on the car to differentiate WRX models, so I don’t think the STI is even a blip on the radar screen at this point.

WRX Rate Increase:

AMEX insurance just bumped my insurance up $150/yr (to $1150/yr) out of the blue. no tix or accidents on my record. I called to find out why and they gave me the standard response (“your model of car has experienced increased losses over the past year and has caused a rate increase across the board, blah blah blah. ).

Interestingly, when I first bought my wagon in July, AMEX had it in the computer as an STi with an MSRP of $31K. I called to find out what gives and they said that all 04 Imprezas in their system (as of 7/03) had an MSRP of $31K, but he manually adjusted it down to $24K for me and lowered my annual premium back to $1000 from $1150. This time, though, the increase apparently applies to all imprezas.

Not much difference for me (insurance wise) between my 04 wagon and an STi.

Thanks to you all! I think I can manage the STi! I’ll be able to keep car payment+insurance below $600/month.

Hope to contribute in the future as an owner, not just a “wrx2b”!

$6506 months. I’m having problems with State Farm on my renter’s insurance, so I checked with All State and Farmer’s, and they both quoted $12006 months for the STi. I haven’t checked with State Farm to see if my rates are going to go up, but I’m pretty sure they will. It seems the big 3 insurance companies now know what the STi is and they believe it will be a big target for thieves and will be driven by idiots. When I talked to the All State agent, she said the Sti was “flagged” as a high-risk car.

For reference, I am 28, single, no accidents in the past 5 years, with one speeding ticket that I’m not sure is on my driving record, and I live in a rural area in a town of less than 20,000 in Wyoming. Even with all of these factors, two of the big 3 still want $12006 months for full coverage.

One good thing though, I got a quote from Progressive for full coverage with high coverage amounts for $6266 months for the STi. I’m going to check with Geico to see if I can do beter than that.


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