Apr 24 2020

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Scandal’s Boniswa testifies on Mbo Mahocs

The Sunday News

Lusanda Mbane

Bekezela Tshuma, Sunday Life Correspondent
ARDENT viewers of South African television soapie, Scandal, would be familiar with renowned and established actress, Lusanda Mbane, who plays the role of Boniswa Langa, the wife to the respected Human Rights lawyer Siseko Langa.

The character of Boniswa is well presented with gentle beauty, inner strength, courage and warmth. Possessing a mother earth calibre and stemming out as one of the respected actresses in and out of the soapie, Scandal, she has humbly and openly spoken for our Bulawayo-born star, Mbo Mahocs who recently took up the role as Chichi in the soapie, Scandal.

A successful businesswoman in her own right who handles her affairs with integrity, discipline and diligence, Boniswa’s role in the soapie holds weight.

Some prefer to call her “Mamakhe”, a name normally used by her husband Siseko Langa perhaps as an expression of love and respect for the loving and dutiful wife she is.

She recently became a radio presenter on TRUFm radio and it is on that radio station where she extended her genuine gesture towards Mbo Mahocs. It was during an interview she had with Zimbabwean music guru, Bekezela Bothwell Nkomo.

“Well I call her Chichi, hello Chichi Chichi Chichi, my international colleague who can speak all languages in all accents. It’s such a small world. I was so honoured when Bekezela told me your story. I love you girl, you are so real, you are so genuine and I am so happy you have made it where you made it, we love you girl, from Boniswa.”

This goes without saying that Mbo Mahocs has touched the hearts of her colleagues in Scandal, so much to such display of appreciation. One can safely say Mbo Mahocs has gone out and means business, not ready to disappoint. Her realness has been testified and believe it, she is not going a step back. Also, her prowess on the scene has sent many tongues wagging, that could she be the next Zimbabwean billboard chart topper? Could she be walking right in the shoes of Zimbabwe-born international star Danai Gurira? Could she be seen on Top Billing like Zimbabwe-born Tongai Chirisa or has she set her standards higher than these?

As Mbo Mahocs would put it, stars align, universe laminate, the stars in her skies have surely aligned and the universe is indeed lit.


Siseko langa


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