Apr 25 2020

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Here are 5 shows whose protagonists were subjected to domestic violence.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka to Saubhagyavati Bhava: 5 daily soaps that showed domestic violence

Here are 5 shows whose protagonists were subjected to domestic violence.

Colors’ new show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka has become the talk of the town for two reasons, first for showcasing an adulterous relationship and second for showing domestic violence.

Women being subjected to domestic violence have been portrayed quite a few times on screen. Here are 5 shows where women were physically abused by their partners.

1. Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini (Drashti Dhami) is married to Rajdeep Thakur(Abhinav Shukla), who treats her like dirt and doesn’t leave any chance to ridicule her. A simple mistake like dropping the knife results in arm twisting by Rajdeep. Time and again he is seen threatening her to teach her a lesson when they are in their room. However, he often doesn’t even wait to reach their room and hits her in front of everyone. When Kunal (Shakti Arora) asks her to open up, she denies and tells him that it’s her duty as a wife to forgive her husband as her husband is everything to her. With time Nandini might understand that she is not bound to bear all this pain.

2. Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop: Colors new show Roop is about breaking gender stereotypes. Unlike most of the boys, Roop likes to play with dolls, help his mother Kamla in the kitchen and he even doesn’t mind dancing as Radha. However, these things are not okay with his father Shamsher, who is a misogynist to the core. For every mistake Roop commits, his mother Kamla is punished. When Shamsher comes to know that Roop participated in needle and thread race and came first, he asks Kamla to stand whole night in a container full of water, which leads to high fever. Recently, to save Roop from punishment, his mother lies that she knew about him playing Radha and gets beaten by Shamsher. There’s no one to save Kamla, as her daughters aren’t allowed to voice their opinion and Roop is too small to understand his mother’s ordeal.

3. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A lot has happened in the last few days in Ekta Kapoor’s popular showfrom Adi’s death to Roshni’s pregnancy. However, all of these started with a change in Adi’s attitude towards his wife and family. He was so obsessed with Roshni that he cheated on Aliya and even asked for a divorce. When Aliya refused to sign the divorce papers, it infuriated him and he hit her. Later, Raman threw him out of the house for physically assaulting his wife.

4.Doli Armaano Ki: The story of this Zee TV show revolved around Urmi, who gets married with a lot of dreams but all her dreams are shattered when she comes to know about her husband Samrat’s chauvinist side. Samrat is a bigot with regressive mindset and also subjects Urmi to domestic abuse. Later, he also cheats on her following which Urmi decided to walk off the marriage and lead an independent life.

5. Dil Se Di Dua. Saubhagyavati Bhava: This Life OK show that had Sriti Jha, Karanvir Bohra and Harshad Chopda in the lead was about Jhanvi’s (Sriti Jha) struggle to get out from the clutches of her abusive and obsessive husband Viraj. Business tycoon Viraj (Karanvir Bohra) falls for a simple girl Jhanvi (Sriti Jha) and they get married. Post marriage Jhanvi sees the real psychotic colours of Viraj. He doesn’t just torture but also rapes his wife.


Silsila gossip


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