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#Best life insurance rates in canada Best life insurance rates in canada

Best life insurance rates in canada


Best Life Insurance for 50 to 59 Years Old | Tips & Sample Quotes

By Chris Huntley

If you’re between the ages of 50 to 59 years old, choosing the right life insurance is essential. This may be the last policy you ever buy.

In general, AIG is the best life insurance for 50 to 59-year-olds. Click here to view rates.

However, depending on your specific conditions it may be helpful to speak with an agent.

Special concerns individuals over 50 typically have:

The problem?

Many agents are severely limited in their life insurance options over age 50 , especially if you have any health issues. Choose the wrong agent here, and you might end up overpaying or being denied coverage.

You’re in the perfect place!

In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the important considerations for life insurance in your 50’s, help you determine the best type of coverage for you, and show you sample quotes at various policy amounts.

This will likely be the LAST policy you ever buy, so we need to get this right.

Quick Guide to Life Insurance for 50 – 59 Years Old

We believe this is the only guide you’ll need finding affordable life insurance over 50 or 55. As you’ll see, we not only share the cost of policies, but give you savings tips for the cheapest rates, and help you sidestep any problem areas.

For quick reference, click any link below:

Understanding Life Insurance Challenges in Your 50’s

At Huntley Wealth Insurance, we specialize in understanding and meeting the life insurance needs of individuals ages 50-59.

As mentioned in the introduction, you’re at a unique age with the following special considerations.


How to quickly and easily overcome health concerns from minor issues to more severe.

For most of our younger clients, health rarely gets in the way of finding affordable life insurance.

… but we do start seeing some health concerns with our clients in their 50’s.

2 Primary Ways Health Can Impact Your Policy:

  1. PriceCompanies will place you in a “Health class.” The better your health class, the cheaper your rates.
  2. Denial of Coverage – In severe cases, you could be denied coverage. (Especially if you use an agent who only has access to a company that is stringent against your particular health condition)

Your first and most important lesson if you have any health concerns is to use an experienced, independent age.

Every company treats a particular health concern differently. Some are more lenient on, say, diabetes, than others. An independent agent’s job is to shop the market for the company that will be best for YOU and your particular health concerns.

And when you find that right company, THAT is what leads to the cheapest rates.

But you can’t use a rookie agent. At Huntley Wealth, we’ve seen it all, from “broken hearts to missing parts.”

So, rest assured, whether you are coming to us as a healthy, non-smoker, or if you have pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, previous bouts with cancer, heart troubles, weight issues or are a smoker, we are experts at helping you find the most affordable premiums from the highest rated insurance companies.


At Huntley Wealth, we specialize in helping individuals with high risk medical issues. You name it, and we’ve seen it. We’ll help you get approved quickly at a rate you can afford. Get started with a free life insurance quote now!


With limited options as we get older, which type of life insurance do you actually need?

The Type of Life Insurance You Actually Need & Limited Options as We Get Older

Before discussing the type of life insurance you need, you first must understand the following considerations as we get older. They are both important for you deciding on the type of insurance you’ll buy.

#1 Insurance companies have max ages for every term policy they sell

Typically the max age to qualify for 30 year term is 50 to 55 with most companies.

For example, notice 52 years old is the max age for Protective’s 30 year term plan below:

However we have access to at least one company who will issue a 30 year policy up to age 58.

So if you’re in your early 50’s, you can still get 30 year term!

It is not available at 59 or 60.

If you’re 59 and can no longer buy 30 year term, or you’d like a policy that lasts your entire lifetime, we use a similar product to a long term called guaranteed universal life, and structure it to cover you to age 90.

The pricing is very competitive, and less than half the price of whole life. Even if you’re in your early 50’s however, and you can still qualify for the longer terms, the next point is critically important to you.

#2 You need to think 10-20 years in the future

We see a lot of clients in their 50’s who have owned 2 or 3 policies in their lives.

Maybe they bought a 20 year term in their 20’s, and when that expired, they bought a 10 year term, and now that is expiring. You really need to think ahead now.

For example:

Say you get a 10 year term at age 57, for example, and you still need coverage when it expires at age 67.

Your options will be very limited.

At 67, you can only buy 10 and 15 year term, and it will be expensive. If you’re 57 and buy a 20 year term, it will expire when you’re 77, and you’re out of options at that age, except 10 year term or a permanent policy. (… and that’s if you can still qualify health-wise)

Having said this, you might not need a long term.

Long terms cost more.

The typical life insurance purchaser is buying it for income replacementmoney for his or her spouse to replace lost income. Here are a few more:

Get Life Insurance in 3 Easy Steps

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Top 5 Reasons You May Need Life Insurance in Your Fifties

Read the following reasons you may need coverage and select the one that best fits your need . This will help you match the type of coverage in the next section with the need.

  1. Income Replacement – You’re still working and want to leave your spouse, partner or children a death benefit.
  2. Estate Planning – You may need to add liquidity to an estate filled with real estate or business holdings, or you may need the insurance to pay for estate taxes. For estate planning, click here.
  3. Inheritance Purposes/Invest in Yourself – You don’t care how old you are when you pass. You want to leave something to your family, and can do it in a tax efficient, low cost way using life insurance.
  4. Business Insurance You may want to cover outstanding business expenses, responsibilities and obligations. For business cases, click here.
  5. Trust Planning – Common uses are to fund an AB or Bypass trust, or an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust.

Simply put, we need to avoid the old “Mr. D” and the destruction he’ll do to our family or business if we don’t have life insurance.

Matching Types of Coverage with Insurance Needs

If your goal is income replacement, you probably only need a 10 or 15 year term.

… or perhaps you plan to work for the rest of your life.

You still might not need a long term.

If you are paying down your debts, investing for the future, you might look 10-15 years into your financial plan and find there is no need for coverage.

We only recommend a longer term in your 50’s if:

So don’t let an agent talk you into a long, expensive term unless you actually want or need one. Most of our clients in their 50’s can get away with a 10 or 15 year term. Here are some sample 10 year rates.

10 Year Level Term Life Insurance Quotes Healthy Male, Age 50-59 Years Old






*10 Year Level Term Life Insurance Quotes – premiums for male, nonsmoker preferred plus rates valid as of 3/13/2017 are subject to change.

If you do need insurance for longer than 10 years, however, try to lock in your term for as long as you possibly can, so you can avoid trying to get a new policy in your 60’s or 70’s, as we discussed above.

Here are your other policy options and savings tips:

Term, Whole Life & Universal Life Insurance at Age 50

1. Guaranteed Level Term – 10, 15, 20 or 30 Years

Term life insurance is the lowest priced type of life insurance.

Term life insurance does not:

  • build cash value
  • pay dividends
  • if you surrender the policy, it doesn’t pay you back anything (unless you buy a return of premium policy)

Term life insurance offers guaranteed level premiums and death benefit for a set period of time such as 10, 20 or 30 years. After the initial term expires, the premiums tend to increase dramatically. (10-20x the original premium)

That’s why we always say you should lock in your coverage for as long as you need life insurance.

For example, a 54 year old male buys a 15 year term life insurance policy. His premiums are guaranteed to stay level until he’s 69. Many people in their early fifties may only need a 10 or 15 year term life insurance policy because they are nearing retirement and no longer need the coverage. But if he needs it longer, the premiums will increase in policy year 16 substantially. But that’s ok because this individual can let his coverage go at this point if he no longer needs it. There are no penalties for surrendering your policy at any time.

Renewal Options

I speak badly about the renewal option (what happens after the level term), but it can be helpful.

Let’s say a 51 year old purchases a 10 year term policy. At the end of the 10 year term, the policy does not just cancel itself. The 51 year old, now 61, will be offered a renewal rate, which will probably be too high to pay. He’ll probably let the policy go, but at least he will have the option to keep it without proof of insurability.

So if at 61 he has a terminal illness, he’ll be glad to pay the increase premium.

Overall, though, you want to try to match your coverage needs with your term length.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re 51 or even 57 years old; you should buy a term policy for a length that matches the amount of time you’ll need coverage. You don’t want to buy a 15 year term policy at age 53 if you just refinanced your home and need coverage for the next 30 years to cover your mortgage.

In order to find the best quotes for life insurance at 50, you need to understanding the different types of policies available to you. Which type of life insurance is best at age 50? In my experience, 90% of individuals only need 10, 15, or 20 years of term life insurance coverage.

2. Whole Life Insurance & Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Some 50 year olds need a more permanent answer.

Perhaps you are receiving or planning to receive a pension or social security that does not have survivor benefits and your spouse will depend on that income. Term won’t work here.

For others, you may just want to leave an inheritance to your spouse or children, so your life insurance needs have nothing to do with income replacement. In those cases, you need permanent coverage.

There are also those affluent families and individuals who have sizeable estates, who need life insurance to pay estate taxes to Uncle Sam. That situation also calls for a permanent solution.

In all these examples, I recommend a policy that will cover you for your whole life called guaranteed universal life to age 120, which is very similar to a term life policy for the rest of your life. You get the lowest cost without any cash value build-up. In our quote box, just choose the lifetime option.

We do not sell whole life insurance.

3. How Much Can a 50 to 59 Year Old Expect to Pay for Life Insurance?

Remember that life insurance in your fifties isn’t as easy as pulling a quick quote and seeing who offers the best “quoted rate.”

… you still have to qualify.

That’s why you want to work with an independent agency like Huntley Wealth… because we know which company will approve you at the best heath rating, and that is the key to the lowest rate.

Having said that, it’s good to see ballpark rates.

Here are some sample life insurance rates for a healthy male age 50, who is also a non smoker for 10, 20 and 30 year term life insurance with $100,000 to $1 Million in coverage.

Term Length





The quotes above are monthly and assume preferred plus rates for a nonsmoking male age 50, as of 3/13/2017 and are subject to change. If the insured is a woman and all else is equal, the premium would be a bit less expensive.

If the man age 50 takes some medication for well controlled blood pressure, cholesterol or mild anxiety the quote may be more expensive. For a 50 year old, standard non smoker seeking term life insurance, select “regular” on our instant quote form.

Some common high risk medical issues that could drop the applicant even further down in terms of ratings could be type 2 diabetes, obesity, a history of heart disorders such as replaced valve, coronary artery disease or the need for a pacemaker.

Please be aware that life insurance for cigarette smokers is also more expensive.

Special Considerations for 51 to 54 Year Olds

If you’re in your early fifties, between 51 and 54 years of age there are some special considerations for you to navigate.

Consider your specific considerations:

  • you’re approximately 10 years away from being able to take social security
  • it’s your “last chance” to lock in a long term
  • increasing cost of insurance – if you want permanent coverage, buy it now
  • the age and independence of your children

1. First, What are Your Life Insurance Needs?

By now, you’ve probably built up some equity in your home or maybe you’re close to paying off your mortgage. Your children have grown up and might be in the process of completing their education or are already off on their own.

… so perhaps you don’t need as much life insurance as you think.

At this time of your life, it is not uncommon for a man or woman who is 53 years of age to already have one or more grandchildren. As you are well aware, it can be a bit of a struggle these days for young families to get their roots planted and their financial nest egg underway.

Having said that, most insurance companies actually limit how much life insurance you can buy based on your income.

Here’s the income multiplier for ages 51 to 60:

2. What Type of Life Insurance Should I Buy?

My advice in your early fifties doesn’t change too much from my general advice above.

Having said that, you do need to consider a few things.

Your children may now be (or are soon to be) independent, and if you pass away, they may not rely on your income.

Social security is only about 10 years away for you if you’re in your early 50’s. SS does pay out survivors income to widows, and is currently paying out to over 5 million people. Can you get by with just a 10 year term?

If you’re just looking at buying life insurance as some form of income replacement, or just to get yourself covered for the short term then your best bet is to buy term life insurance. You can see from the samples provided how inexpensive term life insurance can be for someone between the ages of 51 – 54.

Questions to Examine Your Current Circumstances

As you can see there are plenty of reasons why someone who is between 51 and 54 years old might consider life insurance.

3. Why Term Life Insurance & How Expensive is It?

Term life insurance is very inexpensive, and it’s easy to get if you’re a non smoker and in relatively good health. Even if you’re not, it’s still a great buy. If your health isn’t the best and you smoke we can find you the most affordable rates available. Keep in mind, the earlier you purchase life insurance, the better. Life insurance at 55 costs about 8% less than life insurance at age 56.

Term life insurance is without a doubt the most convenient and affordable to buy. If you only need the insurance for say 10, 15, or 20 years, then term life insurance is the way to go.

You can figure out the amount you need and the length of period you will coverage for and go from there.

Remember, regardless of your current age and health status, it is possible to get the life insurance coverage you need.

4. Cost of Insurance Spikes in Early 50’s

If, however, you need a policy that covers you for life, I recommend you buy it now!

Insurance prices really start to spike when you hit 50. The price goes up about 4-6% in your 30’s and 40’s but then increases about 8% every year you wait in your fifties. So if you do need long term coverage, I recommend buying it now while you can still get the best rate available today.

Below is an example.

Case Study: Life Insurance at 52 – The Cost of Putting Off Life Insurance for One Year

An example of your premiums changing substantially each year you wait is the following:

I had a 52 year old delay his application a few months after he turned 53 years old. His premium for a 20 year term with $250,000 coverage, went up from $592 per year at age 52 to $642 per year at age 53. That’s an 8% increase! The longer you wait the higher those numbers climb.

So if you’re in your early fifties, say 51 years old or 52, you can expect about an 8% increase for each year you put off buying life insurance. Whereas if you’re in your late fifties, say 58 or 59 years old, you’ll pay approximately 10% extra.

The lesson is to buy now. Even if you can’t afford as much coverage as you want, you can always buy some now, and add on later, if you can.

57 – 58 Year Olds – Last Chance to Buy 30 Year Term! (Could Cost You 30% if You Wait)

Many companies stop offering 30 year term at age 50 or 55.

But we have access to one company who will issue a 30 year policy all the way up to age 58!

Why is this important?

A 30 Year term rate for $250,000 for a 58 year old is just $2,427 per year (male, non-smoker, excellent health).

This would cover you to age 88.

If you wait until you’re 59, you won’t be able to buy 30 year term anymore. So if you still want coverage to age 88, the closest thing you’d be able to get is a Guaranteed universal life policy to age 90 that costs $3154 per year, a 30% jump!

3 Savings Tips Over Age 50

I have already stated that one of your problems applying for life insurance in your 50’s is you may have a few health concerns.

So my first tip to finding low cost life insurance with health impairments would be to apply for coverage with the company that will be most understanding of your unique health history.

Not sure who the best company is for your unique conditions?

Of course you don’t know!

That’s why you need an independent agent.

Don’t use a “captive agent” who only has access to one company. These are agents like Farmers, State Farm and New York Life. You need an agent who knows the marketplace and can shop for the best deal for YOU.

My second tip is to consider buying 2 policies instead of one.

“Excuse me?” you say.

“Wouldn’t that be more expensive?”

What I mean is you can actually save 10-15% by splitting up your coverage into 2 policies at different term lengths.

For example, if you needed $1 million of coverage, and want to save money on it, instead of buying 1 policy for 30 years, instead buy a $500,000 policy with a 15 year term and a $500,000 policy with a 30 year term.

You can download my ebook and learn more about this strategy here.

My third tip is to use an Income Provider Option.

Very few companies offer this, but we have one who does, and it can save you 5-40%.

You’re probably familiar with the fact that life insurance pays out a one-time lump sum upon the death of the insured.

Well… If your goal is to provide income to your spouse or perhaps a child, why not provide that death benefit to them over a period of 5, 10, 15, or even 20 or 30 years?

We have a carrier that allows you to do this, and substantially reduces the premium.

For example, it costs about 15% less to have $50,000 paid out per year for 10 years than to have a $500,000 lump sum paid out!

Again, you can download my savings ebook, and learn more about this strategy.

I Want to Buy Term Life Insurance – What’s My Next Step?

Life insurance is an important decision and we, at Huntley Wealth, can help you find the best possible rates into your 50’s. We can access and research dozens of companies.

If you have health concerns, don’t let that dissuade you. We can give you valuable advice and help you to find a policy that suits your individual needs.

To request a quote, simply fill out the form on the right or call us at 888-603-2876.

*While we make every effort to keep our site updated, please be aware that “timely” information on this page, such as quote estimates, or pertinent details about companies, may only be accurate as of its last edit day. Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services and its representatives do not give legal or tax advice. Please consult your own legal or tax adviser.

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I am interested on the $400,000 life insurance for 30 years, for
52 Year Old Male at $43.07, please send me all the information.
Elbert Nieves

I am 55 and need a term life $50.000 policy.

You recently mentioned a 60 year old male purchasing a Genworth policy and you sent him an email suggesting he save age. One thing you DID NOT mention (And I would be interested in your comments) is that if he back dates the policy 2 months, yes he has to pay those premiums but he also reduces his policy term by two months. I am age 50.5 and I am contemplating the same thing with GNW Life $500k 30 Yr. the premium in the first month after year 30 is approximately $2,700 per month or $5,400 total. If the policyholder passes during that 60 day period his beneficiary won’t get the death benefit. All things being equal with the grace period on both policies.

With kindest regards,

Hello James,
I can’t say I follow your logic. Are you suggesting that you would alter your decision about whether or not to backdate 2 months because your policy will now only provide coverage for 29 years, 10 months, rather than 30 years? If that’s what you’re saying, then you have to weigh the cost savings of backdating with the fact that your term length will be shortened by 2 months. I’m sure the savings will be SUBSTANTIALLY worth backdating. How much per month will you save by backdating? I’ll run the #’s for you. But my overall comment is that’s a pretty small window to be concerned about dying inside of a 60 day period 29+ years from now. If it helps ease your apprehension, there’s a good chance that if you were to pass away during that time frame, you may already know that you’re dying prior to the term’s expiration, which would make it an easy decision to continue paying the premiums at that point. If you’re 80 and your term is about to expire, and you’re still in excellent health, then you probably won’t continue paying the premiums, and will let the policy lapse.

I need information on 400000 for 51 old male.

Hello David,
Sorry it took a while to get back to you. I’ll email you some questions about this.

I’m looking at retiring Jan 31, 2014. I’m 55 & 1 month. My question is a comp type; currently thru my employer I pay $184 for a basic life (my salary @ 1.5), I also have an elective of 5 times my salary. Total comes to approx. 400k in life insurance. Would it be better to get my own single policy or continue with what I currently have.
Right now I don’t know how my premiums will change in retirement with what I currently have. You thoughts?

Hello Ted – It’s wonderful when an employer provides life insurance to their employees, however, you are wise to thoroughly investigate the details of your coverage, as well as comparing prices to an individual policy of your own. Often, employer-owned policies are not Level Term and/or Level Premium products. They are often designed with premiums that will increase as you age, and/or death benefits that will be reduced as the years go by. So, to be on the safe side, read the policy thoroughly, including the fine print, to see if the coverage and term remain the same until the end of your life. And, at the same time, get yourself some qualified quotes, based on your accurate health rating, for an individual policy – you might find a better product that will meet your needs, at a more affordable price. Please let me know if I can be of service! 888-603-2876

Looking for 300.000 policy I am 54 yrs old

I just sent you an e-mail, Jeff. Give us a call at 855-247-9555.

I’d like a cheap quote for me age 54 can’t afford to pay these high premiums I look forward to hearing from someone

I just sent you an email Helen. Give us a call at 855-247-9555.

Sir, for 52 years old man which policy best

It really depends on your needs and financial plan moving forward. Some people only have a short term need for coverage, like for a business loan. Some people want coverage for the rest of their lives. So I hope you see it’s impossible to answer that based on the limited info you provided. Give us a call to discuss at 888-603-2876.

I know this is a little off topic, but, I recently retired from the Air Force after 25 years, and am searching for a replacement for the military life insurance. I have a couple of months to search something before the military retirement policy either runs out. (I do have the option to keep it but it becomes very expensive after age 50) Can you let me know what 400k on a 43yr old male would be?

We will email you some questions so we can give you a quote.

I am a 52 year old male and looking for a 500.000 life insurance. 10 or 15 yrs depending on price.

We will email you some questions so we can give you a quote.

I was interested in receiving pricing for a 250k, 400k, or 500k level term for 15 yrs. I am 53 years old, non smoker.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Rene,
Unfortunately, we cannot speak as to any rider clause your current policy may have. Each company and policy holds their own set of riders and specifications. You can always feel free to give us a call at 888-603-2876.

I’m 54yo white male in good health–no issues (non-smoker). I have

5yrs left of a 20yr fix policy I got back in ’99. Should I bail out on the remaining years and get a new policy long term or wait until my existing policy nears the 20yr mark? I’d like to get another 20yr policy as I know I’m working for at least another 5+ years.

If you’re planning on extending your coverage, I would do it sooner rather than later. I’ll have one of my agents contact you.

I am 56 wife is 61 looking for the best policy we can get..

Hi Ron,
One of my colleagues will be in touch with you to work up a few affordable term quotes based on your specific needs.

My term runs out in 4 years…..looking for a 300,000 15-year policy…57 year old male non-smoker in good health…..5 7, 155 pounds…take a low dose antidepressant for anxiety…what can i expect to pay monthly? Thank you.

Hi Mike,
It sounds like you’re pretty healthy. One of my colleagues will be in touch with you to work up a few affordable term quotes based on your specific needs.

I am looking for permanent life for 59 yr old female in Fort Worth TX

Hi Pam,
I’ve asked our agent Cliff Pendell to email you.

Hi Chris,
My wife is 59 yrs old in good health, working, No tobacco, no alcohol, blood work with in normal limits, in general in good standing. We are looking for $.500,000 30 year level term or whole life or universal life. The purpose is to be helpful to our intellectually challenged son after us.
Advise us a better choice to my email.

Hi Raj,
I have forwarded your information to Jason Dana to help you with your insurance needs.

I would like to speak to some one I am 51 and am looking for a term policy for 20 years 400,000

Wife and I each need to add term life. Just came off 15yr term 300k. Continuation price is outrageous!
Please contact at email. 57 and 58yrs.
What is the term we can do at our age – 10yrs, 15yrs?

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. My agent Jason Dana will be helping you with your insurance needs

I am a 54 year old single male and would like to get info on 50,000.00 life insurance. Can you please send me information.

Hi Phillip,
I’ve forwarded your information to Cliff Pendell to help you with your insurance needs.

Am a 56 Years Old Male, married, a Non-Smoker with regular health from PA State with no mortgages or debts. Would be taking up a Job very pretty soon which as per my expectation should pay me $.30/$40 K/Year. My Wife is jobless and also a Cancer Patient on the path of recovery. No Children.

OK, I would like to have a Life Insurance Policy for say $.100K with a 15/20 Year Term. Would you please provide me some insight or the best of the Policies I can sign in for, which could also be a bit lower on premium/month.

Waiting for you kind advice and suggestions through Email (Preferred). Thanks and God Bless.

I’ve forwarded your information to Justin Nelson to help you with your insurance needs.

I live in Toronto,Canada. I am a 54 yrs and 4 months old male. I take medications for high blood pressure since 2005, and I have type-2 diabetics for taking medication for around 5 years. In 2005, I had a 70% block and went for angioplasty. I am absolutely fine now.
How and where can I get term life insurance for 30 years? Please advise me.

Unfortunately, we are only licensed in the United States and could not write a policy in Canada.

Ive very well controls of bp for years. Have osteoporosis just starts.

Hi Jack
Ramon Summerour will be getting touch to help you with your insurance needs.

I’m am a 54 year old male looking for 100, 000 too maybe 150, 000 life insurance for me what would be the best?

Hello John,
Ramon Summerour will be getting touch to help you with your insurance needs.

I am looking for insurance for my husband. His term life will expire Sept 2016 when he turns 55.

We would be more than happy to help with a replacement policy for your husband. Just call our agency office at 888-603-2876 or email me directly. Thank you!

I am a 54 year old male, non smoker, & on no medication at this time. My wife is 56 year old female non smoker, but has high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
We had insurance thru my wife employment and she was laid off months ago. we are both looking for permanent work, but very concerned about our future. we relocated to our home three years ago, and have 27 years of mortgage left!
we have a 21 year old daughter who is currently supporting herself. If something happens to either of us, we want to at least have some peace of mind for each other.
would it be best to take a 10 year term for both of us, and then regroup in 10 years, or would it be smarter to take a 30 year term on both of us, to help protect us and the rates will be less money in the long run, than trying to get insurance at our ages in 10 years.

Hi Walt, I recommend that you apply for the most coverage, and longest term product you can realistically afford at this time. A ten year term is going to be much more affordable than a twenty or thirty year term. Then, when you are back on your feet, you can apply for additional insurance, again, the amount and term which will work within your budget. That way you will have the older policies at your younger ages and lower prices, and will simply add coverage as needed. I just think something is better than nothing, that’s for sure! Call our office at 888-603-2876 or email me directly for help. Thank you!

We are mostly likely interested in a 30 year term for a 54 year old man who is not a smoker but does use tobacco. In pretty good health. Can you give us some help.

Hello – we would be delighted to help! You can call our office at 888-603-2876 or just email me directly and I will be happy to get quotes for you. Thank you!

im am 59 year old male. I would like to get a life insurance policey for twenty thousand i need to know how much it would be and if i need a exam. I also need to know how much my payments would be every moth?

Hello, For $20,000 in coverage, you are going to want a simplified issue, or a guaranteed issue (which has a graded-death benefit) These usually require no medical exam, but the simplified issue policies have medical questions you must answer (to see if you will qualify) while the guaranteed issue (like the product from Gerber Life) has no medical questions, and is guaranteed to be issued, as long as you are in the USA and make the premium payment, however, this policy has a graded death benefit, which means if a death occurs in the first 2 years, they only pay the beneficiary an amount equal to your premiums paid to date, plus interest. Then, after the first 2 years, when a death occurs, they pay the full death benefit. Premiums could be around $80-90/month if you qualify for the simplified issue, and about $110/month for the guaranteed issue. Please call one of our agent partners toll-free at 888-603-2876 to discuss your options. Thank you for your question!

I am 56 year old white male, 4/2/1960, l
am looking for term insurance 25 years 10000, 20000, 30000, 40000, 5000, I have not had any health issues, I am 5’7
230 pounds. looking what it would cost per month please e mail me the quotes

Hello again, John, I have sent the quotes requested via email just now. Thank you!

I am a 56 year old man looking for a 30 year policy of 100,000 am looking for quotes thank you. I do have r/a

Hi Ron, I would be happy to help you find the coverage you need. I will drop you a private email, but if you don’t get it (sometimes lands in spam) then you can email me directly, and we can find you what you need! Thank you!

I currently have a $500,000 term life via my National Professional Organization and it is via the former Minnesota Life.

I’m 54. (as of June 20180. Would like to reduce my life insurance coverage to 200,000 or 250,000. But I want my rate (currently about $1100 per year) to drop.

Can you assist? Thanks.

Hello, you would need to contact your agent or your insurance company directly to modify your existing coverage. IF you would like to replace your coverage with a new policy, we can assist with that if you call us at 888-603-2876. Thank you!

I’m 51 and a non- smoker. I am on BP meds. I am looking for info on 30,000 term life or higher, to at least help my adult sons & granddaughter. My husband has life insurance on the both of us, but he’s my 2nd husband and I want to do this for my children.

Hi Charlene,
We can definitely help, although it may be cheaper actually to buy $50,000 to $100,000 of coverage instead of 30K. Give us a call at 888-603-2876.

Hi Nicole, I’ve forwarded your request to our sales staff. Thank you.

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