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Armed Forces

Armed Forces Temporary Car Insurance

When, as a member of the armed forces, you are posted abroad for long periods you may need the flexibility that short term insurance can provide. If you do not have a UK based car but borrow a friend or relative s car whist home on leave, you can buy a short term car insurance policy to cover you when you borrow the car.

All our policies are comprehensive and we can insure the following:

*subject to acceptance criteria

Our armed forces temporary car insurance can be purchased for between 1 and 28 days, up to a maximum of 84 days in any one year. The process is simple, quick and all on line with the certificate of motor insurance emailed to you ready for printing off at home. The MID are notified within 48 hours and our policies are underwritten by some great insurers including: Aviva and RAC. The Armed forces temporary car insurance is flexible and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Armed forces short term car insurance is a product provided by us for army, navy and RAF personnel to purchase cover for a short period use of a car in the UK. It can also be extended to cover EU and EEC travel for a small additional premium. We can also provide short term insurance cover for Vans, Motorhomes and classics at very competitive premiums. We provide cover for the widest range of vehicles on the market.

Comprehensive Temporary Cover For Armed Forces

Armed forces short term car insurance UK covers cars from 1950, upwards* which means you can short term insure those classic and cherished vehicles. We also cover classic and motorhome insurance. If you want to borrow a vehicles or lend one out for a few days armed forces short term car insurance UK is ideal.

If you re away on duty for long periods of time you might consider temp cover for armed forces where you buy the insurance just for the days you need when you return form your tour and you need to borrow a car when you come home. Temp cover for armed forces is totally flexible and you can get comprehensive cover in minutes.

We not only provide day insurance for armed forces to cover cars, vans, motorhomes, and classic cars, but also provide daily breakdown cover. This can be purchased as an option from 1.00 a day. and it can be extended to cover Europe for a small additional rate.

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