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Amazing experience & every single person who worked there was friendly & awesome

Jessica Seivers –

I bought a Living Social deal to take my husband on a helicopter flight for his birthday this year. Before I say anything else, I have to say that he absolutely loved it, so it was well worth it regardless of anything else. The location is not the easiest to find, it’s a little hidden on the airport grounds and there’s not a huge sign or anything. The building it’s in is kind of just a warehouse, not like it needs to be great since they’re mainly teaching people how to fly and taking up photographers. We had a briefing in small conference room, and then got to try out the simulator before going out. I can tell you that I probably will not be taking up a career as a helicopter pilot any time soon. Going up in the helicopter was excellent though. Our pilots were very friendly and the view of downtown was fantastic. So much fun to fly around a skyline I’m so familiar with. Normally it’s rather expensive to do, so I probably wouldn’t do it again unless I got another deal (my deal was $150 for a 15 min ride, plus the extras before the fligh

Cassandra F. –

I had a blast during my “discovery flight”. I didn’t think I would do any real flying (thought I would chicken out up in the air) but you get some solid instruction pre-flight and once you’re up in the air and they start handing you controls it’s so much fun! The pilot I rode with was Dave I would highly recommend him. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially people who think they wouldn’t like something like this! The very best part of the whole experience is the amazing view you get from the air above Broomfield/Boulder. Thanks again to everyone at Colorado Heli-Ops!

Elizabeth R. –

Awesome experience! My first time in Denver. And flying in a helicopter for that matter. Dennis and his staff were phenomenal. We felt like a part of the family by the end. The view was breathtaking, the customer service was top notch, and I couldn’t recommend more. Thanks so much for a memorable view of the mile high city from above, gang.

Michele Pham –

Just did the Boulder Flat Iron Run with our pilot Curt. Amazing experience! Absolutely loved it. My first time in a helicopter and totally worth it. The staff and facility were superb! The views were incredible and customer service was great. Definitely recommend Colorado Heliops to anyone interested in a helicopter ride. Thanks for a great time!

Andrew Buckley –

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