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Columbus Police Dispatch – Citywide

Co l u m b u s P o l i c e D i s p a t c h

Live Radio Communications for the Columbus Ohio Police Department dispatch for all five zones.

Digital System Migration Video



Columbus Police Radio Codes

Columbus Police Zone / Precinct Maps

Zone Area Precincts

Alpha tags may be suspended at times.

Radio ID Structure

255011 0

Listening Tips:

FIVE EIGHTY – Police Headquarters

Signal xxxx – Call that telephone number

Groves – Groves Road Fleet Maintenance Complex

Roys – Roy Tailors Uniform Co. (Uniforms and Equipment Warehouse)

The Pike – Jackson Pike Franklin County Sheriff s Jail Facility

Guard Duty – an assignment other than a regular radio call, such as, guarding a prisoner at a hospital, a crime scene, road closure, etc. The assignments are based on citywide coverage and availability and come from HQ, also referred to as 580 . The car could be assigned from any zone/precinct in the city.

The audio on this feed is received on a Uniden BCD996XT scanner, using an indoor Yagi directional antenna aimed at the Parsons Ave. site, along with a band pass filter.

Scanner programmed using FreeScan software, and RadioFeed is used to stream, through a PowerSpec Windows 7 64 bit desktop via Roadrunner.

This Feed will only Stream Police Dispatch Channels in compliance with the Broadcastify Terms of Service.

The Audio on this Feed is for Entertainment Purposes Only .

Use of this audio to further the commission of a crime is a criminal offense.

NEVER respond to the scene of a call or Interfere with Police or Emergency Personnel.

T h a n k Y o u F o r L i s t e n i ng

This feed is dedicated to the men and women of the Columbus Division of Police who gave their lives in the line of duty:

Patrolman Cyrus Beebe, 4-27-1854 / Detective Abe Kleeman, 9-15-1899 / Patrolman Daniel Davis, 6-7-1908 / Patrolman Harry E. Campbell, 12-24-1908 / Patrolman Frank P. Ward, 6-9-1911 / Patrolman William Sexton, 3-25-1913 / Patrolman Joseph Lavender, 6-26-1913 / Patrolman James Ballard, 11-9-1914 / Patrolman John Laufhutte, 8-22-1916 / Detective William Roarke, 11-24-1917 / Patrolman David L Jenkins, 2-8-1919 / Patrolman Adolph G. Schneider, 9-23-1920 / Detective Charles E. Tiller, 10-28-1920 / Patrolman Jessie Reall, 2-26-1921 / Patrolman Granston P. Koehler, 11-28-1922 / Patrolman Troy C. Stewart, 4-22-1924 / Patrolman Harry E. Shaffer, 3-29-1925 / Detective Walter O. Womeldorf, 5-29-1925 / Patrolman William Sweinsberger, 1-7-1926 / Patrolman Horace D. Elliot, 3-29-1927 / Patrolman Thomas Day, 7-7-1931 / Patrolman Leslie Green, 10-4-1931 / Patrolman Ross Porter, 7-23-1934 / Patrolman Edward J. Murphy, 5-11-1935 / Patrolman John P. Sears, 11-30-1936 / Detective Robert R. Cline, 2-5-1938 / Patrolman Campbell K. Jenkins, 1-9-1939 / Patrolman John M. McCullough, 1-18-1942 / Patrolman Thomas E. Webb, 8-17-1956 / Patrolman Richard E. Taylor, 1-19-1963 / Lieutenant Allen E. Fraley, 11-6-1964 / Patrolman Robert F. Lisska, 5-26-1965 / Patrolman Daniel Alfred Redding, 7-27-1965 / Patrolman William G. Wells, 12-21-1965 / Auxillary Officer Lawrence V. Kipfinger, 10-13-1969 / Patrolman Curtis L. Staton, 3-22-1972 / Patrolman Joseph Andy Edwards, 8-28-1972 / Sergeant Dale W. McCann, 6-7-1974 / Officer Roger L Brown, 8-11-1976 / Officer Michael J. Smith, 8-11-1976 / Officer Martin W. Yawarsky, 9-6-1980 / Officer Gordon J. Rich, 4-5-1986 / Officer Richard Fickeisen, 6-1-1987 / Officer Jane E. Thompson-Bowman, 3-9-1989 / Officer Robin Nye, 1-4-1991 / Officer Raymond E. Radel, 4-25-1991 / Officer Curtis E. Clites, 12-10-1993 / Sergeant Marc Muncy, 4-5-1995 / Officer Keith L. Evans, 7-9-1995 / Lieutenant Christopher N. Claypool, 4-29-2001 / Officer Melissa Foster, 12-4-2004 / Officer Bryan Hurst, 1-6-2005 / Officer Timothy A. Haley, 8-26-2008 / Officer Thomas R. Hayes, 1-20-2011 / Officer Steven M. Smith, 4-12-2016.

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