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Free Look Period Refund Policy

All travel insurance plans have a free look period that starts when the plan is purchased and lasts between 10 and 15 days (see the plan details).

This free look period gives you time to review your policy and return it for a refund within the time period.

Understanding your coverage starts with reviewing the policy

It’s essential to understand the limits of your policy.

Most disputes regarding denial of claim can be avoided by fully understanding your policy, what it covers, and what it does not cover.

The free look period is the perfect opportunity for you to get comfortable with the terms in the insurance certificate. This is the actual agreement – the contract – between you and the insurance provider.

To make sure the plan will fit your needs, verify these details

  • check the trip dates are correct, including the initial trip deposit date
  • verify the per-person trip cost is accurate
  • read the reasons for cancellation to be sure they cover your risks
  • verify the number of hours constituting a covered delay to ensure the coverage amount is enough for your needs
  • if you will be meeting cruise or tour departures, verify the missed connection coverage will provide protection for missed departures
  • review the plan exclusions, such as the maximum for special items in your bag or medical care exclusions such as accidents caused while intoxicated
  • review the deductibles to see if you are comfortable with the amounts
  • check the coverage limits to ensure they are adequate

Don’t forget, if changes are needed to make the policy work for you, you’ll want to make those changes during the free look time.

After this time, your policy is considered in effect and you’ll be subject to the rules and limits of your agreement.

If you need to cancel your policy, do it during the free look

The free look period comes with a money-back guarantee that allows you to cancel the policy if you change your mind (there is often a small, nonrefundable processing fee – from $5 to $8 – to cancel depending on the plan).

Instead of canceling your policy, however, consider making changes to the policy so it works better for your needs.

Making changes is also easy during the free look

Travel insurance plans let you make changes to your policy.

You can change travel dates, and they let you decrease or increase your covered trip cost, but you must make these changes before your original departure date – that is, the departure date in the original policy certificate.

You cannot make changes or return your policy for a refund  if you have filed a claim or started your trip.

Each company gives you a certain number of days

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