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Is Your Mobile Home Protected?

At Foremost, we know the coverages that are important to you as a mobile home owner so you get the protection you want for your home.

Over 60 years of knowledge and experience

Get superior coverage designed just for mobile homes from Foremost, the mobile home specialists.

As the leading mobile home insurer in the U.S. Foremost has specialized in mobile home insurance since 1952. A Foremost policy provides extensive, superior coverage for your home, personal belongings, other structures and personal liability.

Foremost was the first specialty insurance company to insure mobile homes so you can count on our knowledge and experience. We know the coverages that are important to you as a mobile home owner so you get the protection you want for your home.

Coverage designed with you in mind:

Comprehensive Coverage.

A Foremost policy covers most direct, sudden and accidental physical losses like fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism, landslide, falling objects, explosion, attempted or actual burglary or robbery, water damage from bursting pipes, damage by wild or stray animals, collapse from the weight of ice and snow and wind or hail damage.

This company has always been behind us all the way. (We) have used Foremost for 27 years with one claim. The agent was helpful beyond belief. And the rates are great!

Surely K. AARP Mobile Home Insurance Program customer

Optional Replacement Cost Coverage.

Purchase optional Replacement Cost coverage and get a settlement that reflects the cost to replace the damaged items with new property of comparable material and quality, without any deduction for depreciation. In most states, you can receive up to an additional 20% of the amount of insurance for your home if needed to replace your home.

Liability Coverage.

This provides coverage if you’re found legally responsible for an accident that causes injury or property damage to someone who doesn’t live in your home. It covers costs like their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and property damage.

We Include All the “EXTRAS!”

Popular Coverage Options to Choose From:

  • Hobby Farm or Ranch Liability
  • Incidental Business Liability
  • Water Damage from sewers and drains
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Trip coverage when moving your home
  • Personal Liability coverage on additional residences
  • Scheduled Personal Property coverage
  • Replacement Cost coverage (mobile home, other structures and personal belongings)
  • All-perils coverage for tools

If your mobile home is located in Texas, please contact Foremost to find out about mobile home coverage options in your state.

The AARP Mobile Home Insurance Program from Foremost accepts:

  • mobile homes
  • manufactured homes
  • park models
  • rental and vacant mobile homes

It doesn’t matter if your home is:

  • older or brand new
  • single-wide or multi-sectional
  • on private property or in a community

At Foremost, we insure mobile homes of nearly every type!

Lifetime Continuation*

Lifetime Continuation is a special feature only available when you purchase a policy through the AARP Mobile Home Insurance Program from Foremost . As long as you meet the Lifetime Continuation guidelines listed in your policy, you can renew your policy year after year, for as long as you like. Now that’s security you can count on!

Agreed Loss Settlement

If your home is destroyed by an insured loss, you receive the full amount of insurance for your home, minus any applicable deductible.

Deductible Waiver

If your mobile home suffers a covered loss over $5,000 that’s not caused by a hurricane or earthquake, Foremost will waive your policy deductible.**


Foremost offers a variety of discounts, such as a discount for having a central security alarm in your home. Discounts vary by state so be sure to ask our agent which ones apply to your location.

Claim Service

Foremost claims adjusters are located across the country and they’re known for providing fast, fair claim service. They know the ins and outs of mobile home construction so they can handle your claim quickly and accurately. Plus, you can report a claim by phone or online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Flexible Payment Options!

If you’d like to budget your payments, you can choose from one, two, four, 10 or 12-payment plans. Ask our agent to explain how the plans work. You can also make payments online, view your bills online or sign up for electronic funds transfer. We want to make it easy for you to do business with us.

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