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Tennessee Car Insurance Quotes

In order to get accurate Tennessee car insurance quotes, there are several important pieces of information to have on hand. These notes need to be gathered and verified before contacting any potential insurers. Excluding pertinent details could result in getting inaccurate quotes. Comparison shopping can only be done successfully if all the right information is provided. Here are the most important things to determine before getting car insurance quotes in Tennessee.

Be sure to have the vehicle’s vin number. This unique vehicle identification number is usually located on the dashboard. It will be near the window and can be most easily read from outside. These numbers are important to have available so that insurance companies can learn more about the car’s history. The number also makes a vehicle easy to identify in the event of theft. Owners should keep the vin number in a safe place for record keeping.

Know exact dates of any previous accidents. Accidents affect insurance rates, but only for a certain amount of time. Providing a precise timeline of the applicant’s driving record ensures that insurance quotes aren’t inaccurate due to a miscalculation of when an accident occurred. It is also helpful to gather any police reports, especially for accidents in which the person applying for a new insurance policy was not a fault. These can be faxed, or scanned and emailed to the insurance company if it requests this information. Insurance companies consider such details when determining individual rates.

Be certain about year the vehicle was made. Occasionally, a car owner will be wrong about this important detail. There are cases where a single year’s difference in age will affect car insurance quotes significantly. This information can be found in the vehicle owner’s manual. If the manual has been lost, this information can usually be found on the inside of the door.

Provide information about DUI offenses accurately. Tennessee has strict laws relating to drinking and driving. Unfortunately, many people have these violations in their driving record. Charges of driving under the influence will affect insurance rates quite drastically in some cases. It is important to provide this information to an insurance company upfront and to be absolutely sure of when the incident occurred. An accurate quote is impossible if this information is not given to the insurance company.

Determine what other insurance policies have already been purchased. Some insurance companies in Tennessee offer discounts if multiple polices are purchased through the company. Homeowners insurance, for example, when coupled with car insurance from the same insurer can result in discounts on both policies. Some offer discounts based on the number of vehicles being insured, and others even include health or life insurance discounts through the purchase of multiple policies.

Have information on each person who will be driving the vehicle. Some policies cover a vehicle regardless of who the driver will be; others only insure one particular driver. Provide the driver’s license number. The license number will usually be required for the primary driver, but if other people will be driving as well, the insurer may want their license numbers. Make sure that the quote is accurate by asking whether each driver needs to be listed individually. If each person’s information is required, provide the information with accuracy. List each driver’s date of birth and license number, and answer any questions relating to each individual’s driving history if this information is requested.

Have the car title and registration on hand. Most of the information that will be needed regarding the car itself will be found on both the title and registration. Proof of ownership is frequently required before insurance can be obtained for a vehicle.

Know the license plate number. The license plate number is required information. This number is always good to memorize or store in a safe place in the event of theft. It is much easier to spot than a vin number and it needs to be immediately available to police in the event that the car is stolen.

Prove the current insurance information. Some companies will consider whether the car has been uninsured in the past. The current policy number may be requested, and this number will be on the insurance card. In some cases, the new insurance company will contact the previous insurer to cancel the old policy. This saves time for the person buying new insurance, and often spares the individual any discomfort that may come with giving the current insurance agent the proverbial boot.

It’s a good idea to have all these pieces of information stored in a safe place. The exceptions are the license, registration and insurance card. These are always requested in a traffic stop. Have copies of these stored away and be sure the originals are always in the vehicle when it’s in use. Gathering these important pieces of information before shopping for a new insurance company can help ensure accurate Tennessee car insurance quotes.

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