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Tesco Car Insurance Contact Number

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Looking For The Tesco Car Insurance Contact Number?

Call the Tesco car insurance contact number when you need assistance with:

  • Finding a car insurance deal to suit you or getting an approved quote
  • Making a claim following a major or minor accident
  • Updating or reviewing your current circumstances in the event of a change
  • Requesting new policy documents, or asking for clarification on any of the information enclosed in these documents
  • Protecting yourself from insurance fraud
  • Driving safety, security and maintenance.

Why Choose Tesco Car Insurance?

Tesco car insurance is a the car insurance service run by Tesco, one of the UK s leading major supermarkets. Tesco s car insurance scheme is simple, helpful and affordable, and there are even special insurance products for you if you are aged between 17 and 25.

Generally, there are two main types of Tesco Car Insurance standard and value. With Tesco s value care insurance, you get everything from cover for yours and another person s vehicle in the case of an accident and cover for fire and theft, to personal accident cover and Motor Legal Protection (Tesco Legal Guard).

With the standard package, however, you get all of this plus cover for your personal possessions, windscreen cover and cover for a fitted satnav, stereo or DVD player. With the standard package there is also no minimum accidental damage excess. With the value package, this is subject to a value of £475.

From the Tesco car insurance website, you can enter your details to obtain a quote, access tips on driving safety, security and maintenance, and get help with making a claim. Alternatively, call the Tesco car insurance contact number on 0843 596 3072  for extra help and advice.

About Tesco Car Insurance

Tesco Car Insurance is one of main finance products offered by Tesco Bank, one of the largest supermarket banks in the UK. It includes many key benefits, such as a guaranteed Clubcard discount on purchases, UK Cover extended to EU for up to 90 days, and the option to protect no claims discount of 4 years or more.

Tesco Bank also offer many other helpful products and services such as various insurance packages, credit cards, loans and mortgages.

Tesco Boss Philip Clarke Leaves Following Share Slump

July 22, 2014

Tesco’s CEO Philip Clarke has been ousted from the company, after the supermarket chain announced yet another profit warning earlier this week.

After a 40 year career at Tesco, Clarke is now leaving and will be replaced with David Lewis, the head of Unilever’s personal care division. The firm also decided against throwing Clarke a celebratory party following the announcement, which had been previously arranged to commemorate his 40 years of service. The three-year old CEO admitted that the news of his leave came as a shock and that the date is ‘not one of his choosing’, according to BBC News. However he also added that he feels “enormous relief” over leaving the supermarket, saying that it is a choice he would have willingly made. “Having taken the business through the huge challenges of the last few years, and I think this is the right moment to hand over responsibility,” his leaving statement said.

There are talks that Clarke’s leave is down to his failure to save Tesco from sliding profits and shares, which have been emerging slowly since the start of his reign almost three years ago. When Clarke first joined the company, it held a market share of 30.7%, but that has slowly shrunk to 28.9% according to research from Kantar Worldpanel. Despite a £1 billion turnaround plan, which saw hundreds of stores revamped and product ranges extended, Clarke has been unable to stop Tesco from disappointing shareholders. Meanwhile, growing rivals Aldi and Lidl have each accelerated their profit shares to 4.7% and 3.6% respectively, up from around 2.5% before. Market share of Sainsburys and Asda on the other hand – Tesco’s main rivals – has remained fairly stable, The Guardian says. But Tesco’s chairman Sir Richard Broadbent stated that the decision for Clarke’s leave was not down to the company’s declining profits. Commenting on the way in which the retail sector is changing structurally, he explained that the board was merely “looking forward” and acting on terms of what would bring about the best change for the company. “In these circumstances we thought the company might be better equipped with somebody with a fresh eye and the perspective to think more laterally; to take a more decisive view of the business.” He added: “Philip Clarke has been hugely successful in what he’s done over the last three years. He’s started the job of realigning the business.” Clarke’s successor, David Lewis, has spent almost 30 years at Unilever and will begin his new role as Tesco CEO from the start of October.

Clarke will leave Tesco with close to £10 million in cash and shares; a £11.5 million pension pot and a guaranteed year’s salary of £1.1 million.


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