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shredding austin

  • Shredding austin


We understand the challenges that come with

running a small business in todays economy.

We make it easy, contract-free, and affordable.

  • Shredding austin

    We help compliance officers with their file retention

    plans, and we destroy documents & multimedia

    as necessary to solve security issues & stay compliant.

  • Shredding austin

    Get peace of mind knowing that your private information

    is pulverized and unreadable to identity thieves. Our shredding

    services are available for individuals just like you.

    Shredding austin

    Each day, businesses and individuals generate materials containing sensitive information which could have costly repercussions without proper handling. From theft and misuse, to incurring unnecessary storage charges and legal fines, it is necessary to have a legally compliant, cost-effective means of destroying this information once its required retention period has been met. Document shredding is the solution.

    Texas Security Shredding is AAA Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. We fully understand your needs and concerns. Our Houston, TX., based management team has over 35 years combined experience and is committed to working with you to make certain you have the best document shredding program possible.

    Shredding austin

    Shredding Services

    Locally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular shredding needs, Texas Security Shredding s team takes care of many types of materials.

    Shredding austin

    Corporate Shredding

    Corporate shredding solutions scale to the needs of enterprises.

    Shredding austin

    Shred for Komen Program

    Raise hope money for breast cancer research

    Shredding austin

    Small Business Solutions

    Get certainty that private information stays private

    Shredding austin

    Pill Bottle Shredding

    Reduced to minuscule pieces protecting patients privacy

    Shredding austin

    License Plate Shredding

    Ripped apart into tiny little bits, so license plates aren t misused

    Shredding austin

    On Site Shredding Services

    A safer shredding method that destroys private information

    Shredding austin

    Microfilm Shredding

    We can render microfilm entirely unreadable forever.

    Shredding austin

    Uniform Shredding

    Fabric tearing machinery destroys company uniforms

    Shredding austin

    ID Badges Shredding

    Prevent unauthorized use and access via ID badges

    Shredding austin

    Magnetic Tape Shredding

    Magnetic tape is wiped away until it is unintelligible.

    Shredding austin

    Optical Disks Shredding

    By shredding, the information it is totally undiscernable.

    Shredding austin

    Hard Drive Shredding

    Shred hard drives that contain digital files and documents

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