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Top 10 Missouri Car Insurance Companies

Missourians have several good options when they are searching for the top 10 Missouri car insurance companies. The companies listed below have great reputations for several reasons such as how well they rectify complaints their customers have. Some also offer insurance coverage that can’t be purchased from every auto insurance company. These companies may be national and they also may be more local, but they have come to be known as companies that don’t give their clients a lot to complain about. Our FREE comparison tool can help you compare car insurance companies online and save a lot of money!

Amica Mutual Insurance

The best way to know that an auto insurance company treats its customers well is to ask them. This is what JD Power and Associates does on a regular basis and when it asked about Amica Mutual. they found that people are very enthusiastic about the way the company treats them.

For example, when asked what they thought of the price of their auto insurance, Amica Mutual clients stated that they were extremely satisfied with the prices they pay for the coverage they receive. Amica Mutual has had complaints against it in Missouri, but it has resolved those complaints and received a grade of “B” from the Better Business Bureau.

Erie Insurance

The clients at Erie Insurance also gave the coverage they purchased from this company very high marks. The customers believe that they are receiving great coverage for the prices they are paying. They also gave the highest rating to how well Erie’s employees interact with them when they contact them.

This company offers insurance policies to several different types of drivers; potential clients don’t have to have the best driving records to be offered a policy. For example, Erie offers insurance to people who have had DUIs in their pasts, and they also can file the SR-22 form that people with DUI arrests often need.

Auto-Owners Insurance

This company received very high ratings from their customers who are extremely happy with what this company has to offer. Part of what makes these customers so satisfied is the ability to purchase coverage that they can’t receive from just any company. For example, not every insurance company will offer Full Glass Coverage, but they can purchase it from this company.

If clients have a complaint against Auto-Owners Insurance, they will, undoubtedly, be extremely satisfied with the way it will be resolved. The Better Business Bureau has given this company the highest grade, an A+, for resolving the 35 complaints that were lodged against it in a way that made the clients happy.

Shelter Insurance

Shelter Insurance is known for its affordability and is considered to be a leader in the auto insurance industry. Shelter customers rarely have complaints concerning the billing process meaning that they rarely ever need to call the billing department to dispute a charge. They are generally happy with the company overall, giving it some of the highest ratings.

Shelter Insurance is headquartered in Missouri, and it also has several individual insurance agencies that can help Missouri drivers purchase the insurance they need for a price that makes few people frown.

State Farm Insurance

One of the things auto insurance customers like most about their auto insurance companies is the number of discounts they can receive. State Farm Insurance gives its clients several types of car insurance discounts they may qualify for such as:

  1. Multi-Car
  2. Multi-Policy
  3. New Vehicle Safety
  4. Accident-Free
  5. Anti Theft Device
  6. Defensive Driving Course
  7. Good Driver
  8. Good Student
  9. Driver’s Training Course

With State Farm, auto insurance clients may be able to save as much as 40 percent off of their car insurance rates .


GEICO is an auto insurance company that people are familiar with, but it is also a company that makes everything very easy for its customers. Right on the website, people can make any changes they need to make to their policies.

One example is adding a driver to the policy. When their clients need to add a driver, they only need to go to their accounts on the GEICO website. If they become eligible for a new discount, they can add the discount from their accounts as well.

Alfa Insurance

Alfa Insurance is one Missouri auto insurance company that managed to receive very good reviews from its customers despite the need for an increase in rates in the auto insurance industry. One of the reasons for this may be Alfa Insurance’s policy of paying for a full year of inpatient care if their clients are seriously injured in a car collision.

This company also pleases parents tremendously. When parents add their teenagers to the policy who only have their permits, Alfa insurance doesn’t increase their rates.

Kemper Insurance

According to the clients of Kemper Insurance. the coverage they receive is a quality product. But these customers aren’t just happy with the insurance they are able to purchase; they are also happy with how the company administers its services.

Kemper Insurance clients can receive the help they need online, but they also may feel free to contact the company’s management directly. One of the times they may want to do this is to arrange to have their credit cards charged automatically when it comes time to pay the bills. This makes paying their premiums highly convenient for them.

Country Auto Insurance

Country Auto Insurance has received the distinction of receiving some of the fewest complaints from the year 2000 to 2008. It’s a company that receives few complaints against it for its customer service because people can so easily contact an agent at any time of the day that they need them.

The main reasons that people make complaints against their auto insurance companies is that they can’t reach anyone who can explain to them how their claims are going, and payment is often delayed. Customers of Country often say the opposite; they receive prompt payment of their claims, and they remark on the ease of beginning the claims process in the first place.

Encompass Insurance

Encompass has been given a 95.6 percent rating for customer satisfaction. It’s extremely difficult for a company to please 100 percent of its customers, but Encompass appears to have come very close to doing so.

Encompass is an insurance company that has experienced longevity in this industry, and has become one of the largest auto insurers with clients in most of the 50 states. This company has been in business so long and has had such extensive experience that it is highly efficient in processing its claims. It also benefits from the experience of its parent company, Allstate.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes in Missouri

With the top 10 Missouri car insurance companies to choose from, Missourians will need to compare quotes from each one. One company might offer great deals for engineers or teachers who are known, statistically, to have fewer accidents. Another company may have great rates for statistically hard-to-insure demographics such as student drivers.

Because people have different needs and insurance companies have discounts for different drivers, people searching for auto insurance have the obligation to compare quotes to find the best car insurance prices. Enter your ZIP code below and find the best car insurance companies INSTANTLY!

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